Criadero Klein, more than 100 years dedicated to wheat.

Criadero Klein is a family, private company dedicated to Wheat Genetics, the oldest in the country with more than 100 years continuously dedicated to improving wheat.


Criadero Klein S.A. is located in “Alberti” District, Province of Buenos Aires, 8 km from No. 5 National Route, about 200 km from Buenos Aires.


Currently we are proudly travelling the road constructed by its founder, making an effort in a highly competitive market to satisfy farmers’ needs.


It is a family-run company which, apart from doing the activities proper to the region such as growing cereals, oil plants, foraging and cattle breeding, counts with a distinguished, wheat genetic improvement programme to obtain new varieties.


It was founded in 1919 by Enrique Klein, an agricultural engineer, born in Koln (Germany) on 9 August 1889.


He studied at Bonn University (Germany) where he attended a special course on genetics and crop sciences, something that was very advanced for those days. In 1912 he was hired by the Uruguayan Government and in 1919 he settled down in Argentina.


In his early stages he bought a 205 hectares piece of land in Plá, in the Alberti District where he built the first farm facilities and started developing the improvement of almost all popular crop species.


Enrique Klein died in 1970 after having obtained several species of wheat, maize, sunflower, rye, malting barley, oat, sorghum and linen. These studies earned him an Honorary Doctor Degree by the University of Bonn in 1959 and in 1962, he received the Cross of Merit by the Federal Republic of Germany.

In 1969, he was also granted an Honorary Doctor Degree by both, the Buenos Aires University and the “La Plata” University as well as numerous distinctions.


The country establishment is also a centre for the promotion of rotation, fertilization and crop techniques. Every year it receives visitors from Universities and Agricultural Schools.


Its main objectives include the conservation of the soil and the use of techniques for a sustainable production further in time. For this reason, it has been one of the pioneer companies to implement direct sowing and it has been the leader of this sowing technique in the area.


KLEIN’s Objectives, Values, Character and Identity



We are a family business run and managed by our own family who has been in the agricultural market for almost a century, generating and providing wheat genetics contributing to the improvement of the competitiveness in the agricultural Argentine market.


We understand our business based on technological innovation management as applied to the sustainability of the company considering the care of the environment as a critical factor.


Our purpose is to hold long term bonds with our suppliers and customers with honesty and transparency when doing business respecting intellectual property.


Our company is integrated to the communities where it operates.


We are open to new businesses related to the food industry and the growth of the current activities based on our distinctive competencies with regard to the management of processes and technological packages.



We want to enjoy at Criadero Klein as a form of managing our behaviour:


Continuous Training
Integration and compromise with the community


From the very beginning, these values such as INTEGRITY, understood as honesty, transparency, ethics and keeping our word, and the RESPECT OF PERSONS, THE LAW AND INSTITUTIONS have made our company big and today continue to encourage it.


SUSTAINABILITY, as the main element for the development of the company, is the most important in the decision-taking process. Our emphasis is in the environment.


For us, permanent TRAINING and the experience acquired along one hundred years of hard work is as important as the transfer of this knowledge to our employees, multipliers, producers and consultants. In this way we believe that we contribute to adding value to the agricultural community.


All these values instilled on us by our founder, Dr. Enrique Klein, together with the HUMILITY with which we intend to work every day, has resulted in a strong INTEGRATION AND COMPROMISE WITH THE COMMUNITY, the basis for our company, in a permanent and uncompromising form.



Our company wants to continue enjoying the VALUES instilled on us, because this will enable us to exist in the future.


We aim to strengthen team work in a friendly way increasing companionship to become more efficient and excel in our activity to get our best results.


We want to stay in touch fluently with the different groups of interest. In this way, we mean to harmonise the relationship between the parties under the perspective of the common welfare.


Our purpose is to boost new initiatives and seek permanent innovation in all the areas of the company to be pioneers in technology applied to our field of action.


We want to be a company with a regional scope, exporting knowledge and Argentine work contributing to fighting hunger in the world.


To give sense to our work, we wish to be a teaching company and develop and enjoy the following qualities:





Our wish is to be considered a company which is:


Serious and keeps its word
Solvent and reliable
Attractive to work with
Respectful and friendly
A supplier of high quality products
Argentinian and integrated to the communities it is a part of.
Close, accessible and linked to the producer.
Thriving, with a background and a future.
A technological pioneer.
And one that respects and keeps its current, foundational values.

Klein Varieties Timeline

Sales Note Commercial
From To
1920 1925 Favorito
1920 1921 Universal
1922 1927 Universal II
1925 1930 Record
1925 1932 Sin Rival
1925 1933 Vencedor
1926 1927 Ceres
1926 1933 Gral. San Martín
1926 1926 Titán
1926 1931 Trigo Fideo Capa
1927 1927 Mammuth
1927 1942 38 M. A. sel. Klein
1929 1930 Klein Fénix
1929 1934 Klein Triunfo
1929 1939 Lin Calel M. A. sel. Klein
1930 1931 H51
1930 1946 Kanred sel. Klein
1932 1934 Klein 31
1932 1962 Klein 32
1933 1945 Klein 33
1933 1934 Klein 40
1934 1948 Klein Sinmarq
1934 1942 Klein Acero
1934 1935 Klein Palantelén
1935 1939 Klein Granadero
1936 1943 Klein Pirámide
1935 1940 Guatraché M. A. sel. Klein
1936 1945 Reliance sel. Klein
1935 1939 Klein 47
1935 1943 Klein 66
1936 1939 Klein 75
1936 1948 Klein Otto Wulff
1937 1953 Klein Amalia
1937 1939 Klein Progreso
1940 1961 Klein 157
1941 1951 Klein Alberti
1941 1952 Klein Éxito
1942 1963 Klein Cometa
1944 1953 Klein Orgullo
1945 1958 Klein Aniversario
1946 1953 Klein Condor
1950 1961 Klein Lucero
1953 1966 Klein Petiso
1954 1977 Klein Rendidor
Klein Centella
1956 1965 Klein Crédito
1959 1963 Klein Colón
1962 1979 Klein Impacto
1963 1981 Klein Atlas
1964 1972 Klein Puntal
1965 1975 Klein Puma
1968 1979 Klein Sendero
1969 1984 Klein Toledo
1971 1981 Klein Fortín
1977 1982 Klein Granador
1979 1997 Klein Chamaco
1982 1989 Klein Atalaya
1984 1988 Klein Cartucho
1936 1939 Klein 75
1985 1989 Klein Criollo
1985 1985 Klein Salado
1987 1996 Klein Dorado
1989 1999 Klein Cobre
1989 1998 Klein Centauro
1989 1998 Klein Orión
1992 2002 Klein Cacique
1993 2002 Klein Dragón
1996 2003 Klein Estrella
1996 2000 Klein Brujo
1997 2002 Klein Pegaso
1998 2004 Klein Don Enrique
1998 2002 Klein Volcán
1999 2008 Klein Escorpión
2000 2005 Klein Sagitario
2000 2005 Klein Escudo
2000 2003 Klein Delfín
2001 2004 Klein Martillo
2002 2010 Klein Chajá
2002 2008 Klein Jabalí
2003 Klein Proteo
2003 2008 Klein Flecha
2004 2010 Klein Capricornio
2004 2010 Klein Gavilán
2005 Klein Tauro
2005 2010 Klein Castor
2006 2012 Klein Zorro
2007 2013 Klein Guerrero
2008 2011 Klein Carpincho
2009 2012 Klein Pantera
2009 2011 Klein Tigre
2010 2017 Klein Yarará
2011 Klein León
2010 Klein Nutria
2011 2016 Klein Gladiador
2011 Klein Rayo
2012 2013 Klein Roble
2013 2016 Klein Flamenco
2014 Klein Liebre
2014 Klein Serpiente
2015 Klein Titanio CL
2016 Klein Lanza
2016 Klein Prometeo
2017 Klein Huracán
2017 Klein Mercurio
2017 Klein Minerva
2018 Klein Valor
2018  — Klein Potro
2019 Klein Cien Años